September 26, 2023

SEO Content Creation Tips for the Travel Industry

All businesses can benefit from SEO content creation, but few are as directly impacted by search engine algorithms as the travel industry. Repeated studies have shown just how heavily travelers rely on search engines for their purchase decisions.

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The vast majority of tourists will search for hotels, tours, experiences, and transport via Google (up to 80% of users) and will often make a booking via a website on the first page of their search engine results. Therefore, one of the best marketing tips that we can offer the travel industry is to turbocharge their SEO content creation today. Here’s exactly how you can do just that. 

1. A Multi-Pronged Approach to SEO Content Creation

One important thing to remember about travel industry customers is that they are multi-faceted. By this, we mean that they tend to consult various platforms and media before making a purchase, much more so than when buying many other types of services. A would-be globetrotter will Google search their destination, but they will also watch YouTube videos, consult Twitter, and trawl through Google My Business reviews. Your SEO content should seek to capture the user in all of these places. 

2. Content for Every Stage of the Booking Process

According to Google, every would-be traveler has four stages of the booking process. These are: 

  • “I want to get away” moments (the dreaming stage)
  • “Time to make a plan” moments (planning stage)
  • “Let’s book it” moments (booking stage)
  • Can’t wait to explore” moments (experience stage) 

Your SEO marketing should seek to target users at all of these stages. This means creating content that is tailored for users who might be dreaming of their next trip, those who are planning their trip, those who are actively looking, and those who are about to get on the plane. 

3. UG Content is Best

You’ll hear this a lot when researching SEO tips, but it really does ring true. Put simply, user-generated (UG) content is often the most effective at capturing leads, especially in the travel sector. People want to envision themselves in their dream destination. This is why users tend to gravitate towards content that features real people experiencing things, whether in the form of reviews, blogs, or opinions. Your SEO content strategy should incentivize UG content and encourage users to leave reviews or media on your site. 

4. Be Strategic with Links and Keywords

At the end of the day, your backlinks, external links, and keywords are your most powerful SEO tools. In order to use them effectively, strategy is key. Always avoid “keyword stuffing”, as Google’s algorithm will penalize you if you do. Include as much meta-data as possible on each page, so that it is clear what the value-added of your site is to the potential user.

Only use external links to authoritative travel-related sites, and try to solicit backlinks from those same sites. All of this will help you to build a truly kick-ass travel SEO strategy. 

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We’ll Level-Up Your Travel Brand

SEO content creation is easier said than done. If you want some expert help that will put your travel brand on the map, we have got you covered. To find out exactly how we can boost your reach and get you the travel customers you want, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today. 

Article by Adam Abernethy, SEO Travel Content
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