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How To Create Compelling Travel Content | Seo Travel Content
February 27, 2024

How to Create Compelling Content to Showcase a Travel Destination

Travel is one of the most popular and desirable trends of the 21st century. There are currently over 31 million travel bloggers in the US. And millions more throughout the globe.

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There are endless rewards and benefits to creating content for the travel industry. You can jump-start your travel business and show your love and passion of the destinations you love. You can increase your brand awareness, connect with new customers, and much more.

But the competition is fierce and getting your content read and seen by travelers requires skills and knowledge. Read on for our latest tips, or contact us to learn how we can help.

Define Travel Content Goals

Every campaign, project, or topic must begin with defining the content’s goal. It’s one of the most effective travel marketing tips, yet hundreds of people choose to ignore it. 

Without clear goals, it’s easy to go off-topic, and it’s harder to monitor the performance and success of your content marketing efforts.

Start by figuring out why the content is being created. perhaps your company wants to increase sales of a specific product. Or maybe improve brand exposer through email subscriptions.

Every goal requires different characteristics. SMART goals help creators better define their vision and improve the CTA (call to action) rate.

S – Be Specific
M – Make it Measurable
A – Make it achievable
R – Make it relevant
T – Give a specific timeframe

Focus On Helping Customers

Travel agent helping a customer / Deposit photos

Offer your customers value. It might be fun to talk about how you went jet skiing in the Caribbean last year, but if you don’t offer the information on how the reader can live the same experience that doesn’t help them.

Once they arrive on your website, they need to feel like it’s a safe, reliable, and helpful space. You can do this by explaining in detail the experience and what the customer can expect. 

Reviews on your website or on other platforms will testify to your efficiency and professionalism. There have been some horror stories over the years for guests traveling, so, adding reviews of happy customers will let them know they are in good hands.

Optimize Travel SEO

You can define your goals, create top-class content and help clients, but nobody will see your hard work if you don’t optimize SEO for travel.

As of 2022, over 5 billion people search the internet. So optimizing travel SEO can lead to plenty of rewards.

First, begin with keyword research. It’s looking for the most popular words people type into Google when searching for a service. Use the keywords in metatags throughout the site, including images and headings. Free tools like Google Trends make finding trending travel topics easy.

An important tip to keep in mind is to be careful of keyword stuffing. Overloading content with unnecessary keywords lowers the SEO quality of the page, not to mention to the quality and fluency of reading it.

It’s also important to have good web design. Not only does a good design help customers navigate your site, but your web structure can also boost your SEO score, therefore, increasing your ranking.

Prioritize an easy-to-navigate design over a fancy, animated site.

Create SEO-Friendly Content for the Travel Industry

SEO is the key to making any website tick. But with the competition in the travel industry, it’s more vital than ever. 

By using our travel marketing tips, any travel business owner can learn how to get their content above the rest. If you want us to help you, check out our marketing services today. Download our free e-book 25 Content Marketing Ideas for Travel Brands.

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