September 26, 2023

4 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Travel Businesses

For the past few years, digital advertising has replaced traditional advertising as the top form of getting the word out there. This is no doubt in part due to the rise of social media marketing.

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If you’re in the travel business, you probably know that social media is important, but you might not understand exactly how social media can work for you. There’s no doubt that the engagement of these new mediums is key to gaining new followers. The goal of social media is not just to gain followers. The goal is to convert followers into leads, who then become customers.

This article will walk you through some of the top social media tips for those in the travel industry.

1. Post Consistently

The key to any social media strategy is to post consistently more than posting often. You want your leads to rely on you to put out high-profile content regularly.

Make sure you do a big high-impact post — for example, an Instagram timeline post — once a week. Do a smaller impact, more casual post at least once a day — for example, an Instagram story.

By creating high-quality posts, you can make them more likely to be shared by your leads. This effectively creates free advertising.

Focus on the quality of your content rather than the frequency. Make sure you have a reason to create content — give back to your leads. This will make them appreciate you.

2. Engage With Your Leads

As your social media grows, people are going to start reaching out to you by commenting and asking questions. They might do this in comments on your posts, or they might direct message you and deliver these messages.

These messages might be confusing/annoying/critical/ or even useful. No matter what tone they take, however, make sure you respond to them.

Customers appreciate being engaged with. Often, they’re just reaching out to test your customer service. A quick, responsive social media profile is key to building your customer profile.

3. Create a Personality

Did you know that people trust businesses more than they trust the government these days? Leverage this trust by turning your business into a personal brand.

Social media offers a unique opportunity to make your business come across as a living, breathing personality rather than a faceless and amorphous creation.

Workshop different styles for your business’s presentation. With consistent language of sentence structure, images, and colors, you can give your business an aesthetic like any fashion influencer.

4. Use What’s Around You

Another key advantage of social media is that you can create advertising out of what’s around you — you don’t need to spend tons of money reconstructing anything. This is especially true of the travel industry.

In this world, you have access to many beautiful vistas and locations — which is essentially the product you are selling. Dip into this well and you’ll have endless content.

Social Media For Travel Businesses

At the end of the day, social media for travel businesses is not much different from social media for anyone else. Make use of the above tips, and you’re sure to shine.

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