February 27, 2024

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Our Approach

We’ve been working online since 1993. That was the beginning of mainstream internet – when modems squealed and connections were slower than a mule during la siesta! Back in those days, good content and good search engine rankings were what got you noticed. Actually, that hasn’t changed. While everyone else has gone off to do “fancy hi-tech stuff”, we pride our work on quality content and consistency.

(We know how to do the “fancy hi-tech stuff” too.)

Our Story

We’re a brother and sister team living on opposite sides of the globe. Originally from¬† New York, Celia now lives in Italy and Adam lives in California. We were both working on similar projects; Celia in travel content writing and marketing and Adam on SEO ranking and website development. In 2016 we combined our talents and today we work together as SeoTravelContent.com.

Meet the Team

We have mastered the art of working remotely and although we might get support from fellow writers and techies, we do all the work ourselves. When you hire us, you get personal, hands-on assistance and service.
Here’s your main cabin crew: venice-celia3

Celia Abernethy

Project Manager & Travel Content Editor

“Travelling, writing and living with joy is my moto. I’m living ‘La Dolce Vita‘ in Italy and making the most of it. I love being able to walk past the house where Leonardo Da Vinci once lived.”




The Boss

¬†“I can’t drive but I love going fast. I love the feeling of my ears flapping in the wind. I also have a snazzy collection of Hawaiian shirts. I don’t use Twitter, I get social at the park.”



Adam Abernethy

SEO Ranking & Marketing Guy

“I’m that guy who can explain in plain, everyday language the complexities of internet marketing. Need some guidance? I always have a minute for a friendly voice.”


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